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Blackjack Terms You Need To Know


If you are just starting out playing the game of blackjack, there may be a few terms that come up from time to time, which you should know before you make your move. For example, do you know what a burn card is? This term is one that refers to one or more cards which are taken from the top of the deck and placed face down on the discard tray. When the dealer goes bust, this means that the dealer has exceeded a 21 value in their cards.

Here are some more important terms to know:

Double down means that you are doubling the original bet that you played and agree that you are only going to take one additional card in the hand.

A hit is a term used to signify that the player wants another card to be given to them.

The hole card is the term given to the dealer's card, which is dealt face down on the table.

These are just some of the top terms you should know for blackjack.


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