About Blackjack Strategy

Online Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is one of the casino games you can learn and grasp within a short span. However, the game comes in several variants, each with its rules. Two blackjack games may look alike, but the rules are often different. Therefore, ensure you understand the rules of the specific game you would like to play to determine whether it meets your expectations. American Blackjack, European Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, and Blackjack Perfect Pairs are the most popular Blackjack variants you will find at most online casinos. 

Blackjack Strategy for Beginners

Are you new at playing Blackjack? Worry not because even that pro you look up to was once a newbie. Here is a strategy to help you learn and gain vital skills that will go a long way in ensuring you minimize the odds of blowing your money:

1. Purchase a basic Blackjack strategy chart.

2. Look for an online casino that gives you the option to play for free. That will help you understand the game and build confidence to play for real money.

3. Grasp the rules of the Blackjack game you want to play.

4. Know when to hit. The perfect time is when you are dealt an 8 and below.

5. When the dealer has 2-6, stand when your hand is 12-16.

6. Always monitor the dealer’s face-up card. That way, you will ascertain the perfect time to hit or stand.

7. Don’t rush to take insurance at this stage.

8. Don’t split 10s

9. Start with smaller stakes once you gain the confidence to play for real cash.

Blackjack Advanced Strategy

Now you know when to hit, stand, and other basics. It’s time to kick it up a notch with an advanced strategy. The following tips will help you improve your skills and play like a pro.

1. Learn how to count cards

As the dealer deals the cards, some are left in the deck. If you master the counting of cards, you can tell what options the dealer has in the deck. When cards with a bigger value are left in the deck, the dealer is likely to bust.

2. Card splitting

Aim to split 8s and aces several times because it favors you. Again, you can split 10s even though that is against basic Blackjack strategy. After mastering card counting, you can tell when there are more 10s left in the deck. The more the number of high-level cards left in the deck, the higher the likelihood of the dealer busting

3. Take insurance

Card counting plays a crucial role here. You can take insurance when you are certain there are many aces left in the deck.

4. Use betting systems

Even though betting systems do not guarantee you a win, they improve your payouts. There are numerous betting systems you can utilize, including the Labouchere, Matingale system, D’Alembert, and more. The good thing is you can use a mix of betting systems simultaneously.  Online Blackjack is easy to learn and play. Sign up at a trustworthy casino and have some fun! Remember to start with the basics and only move to the advanced strategy once you have the basics at your fingertips.